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Compatible with All Major Brands like Apple, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, Acer, Samsung, Asus. Please note the combo hub does not support power delivery and will not charge your computer when connected to a USB-C Charger.
USB-C SuperSpeed Combo Hub with 2 Port USB-C & 2 Port USB-A
ALOGIC USB-C SuperSpeed Combo Hub with 2 Port USB-C & 2 Port USB-A
Part No.UCH2C2A
Choose template-bool(false) For Sale-bool(false) Base-bool(false) URL Key-bool(false) Special Price-bool(false) Subscription Enabled-bool(false) Allow Gift Message-bool(false) Product weight-bool(false) Is Docking Station-bool(false) Featured-bool(false) Show view details button on category page-bool(false) Small-bool(false) Display Product Options In-bool(false) Frequency-bool(false) Is Display Link-bool(false) Bestseller Score Multiplier-bool(false)
Bestseller Score Multiplier 100
Filter Host Connection Technology-bool(false) Short Description-bool(false) Thumbnail-bool(false) Filter Operating System-bool(false) Section 1 Header-bool(false) Filter 4K-bool(false) Swatch-bool(false) Section 1 Image-bool(false) Filter USB Port-bool(false) Description-bool(false) Featured Image-bool(false) Download Product Manual-bool(false) Section 1 Content-bool(false) Filter Card Reader-bool(false) Swap Image-bool(false) Display Actual Price-bool(false) Section 1 Content 2-bool(false) Tax Class-bool(false) Show Price Count Down-bool(false) Best Seller-bool(false) Docking Station Type-bool(false)
Docking Station Type Portable
required_options-bool(false) Filter Laptop Charging-bool(false) has_options-bool(false) Warranty-bool(false)
Warranty 2 Years
Physical Characteristics-bool(false)
Physical Characteristics Color: Black | Cable Length: 10cm
Is Chromebook-bool(false) Is Child-bool(false) Data Rate-bool(false)
Data Rate Transfer Rate : USB 3.1 : 5Gbps / USB 2.0 : 48 Mbps
Input USB-C Male X 1
Output USB-C Female X 2 | USB 3.0 USB-A Female X 2
Power -bool(false) Barcode (EAN)-bool(false) Categories-bool(false) Product Colour-bool(false) Length-bool(false) Colour-bool(false) Packaging-bool(false) 360 Degrees Image View-bool(false) Product Page Shipping & Warranty Condition-bool(false) Not Allow Rma-bool(false)
Barcode (EAN) 9350784012548

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