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Video Excellence. It’s Your Call. With the IRIS

A professional web camera is the key to professional video communication. ALOGIC’s IRIS Webcam is your Full HD video communication solution. It’s made for homes and businesses who need their video calls, live streams, webinars, vlogs, and explainer videos to screen in the best possible light. The 1080p [30 fps] web camera marries automatic light correction and autofocus technology with embedded noise-cancelling microphones. With the IRIS at your desk, video is better for business.

A Lens Cover for Privacy-Conscious Professionals

The IRIS features a privacy filter that complements the webcam’s overall design. Use the lens cover to control what the IRIS captures at any time. Blanket your lens instantly to stop cyber-criminals and other intruders spying.

Listen to This. Noise-Cancelling Headphones.

The IRIS’s two inbuilt stereo microphones capture the important audio in your video content. They block out the noisy background distractions at the same time. Clear audio makes your video content much better listening.

USB-A & USB-C Compatibility

It’s a USB world – and the IRIS is USB compatible. Plug it into the USB-A or USB-C ports on your laptop. Use the USB-A cable/USB-C adapter included with your camera for easy connectivity.

Made User-Friendly

ALOGIC’s engineers have designed the metallic-finished IRIS Webcam to be extremely user-friendly for people who are busy at work and home. The Plug and Play camera features an adjustable clip and head for quick and easy installation and maneuverability.

Attach the IRIS to Your Monitor

Tripod-Mount the IRIS at Your Desk


Bright Ideas: Light Sensor Technology.

The IRIS’s light sensor technology identifies and corrects your video for poor lighting, ensuring your primary subjects and objects are reliably lit.

Always Be Seen with AI Autofocus

The IRIS is an artificially intelligent camera with the smarts to ensure you’re clearly visible from any proximity to the camera. As you move around the IRIS’s field of view, AI Autofocus keeps your face in focus. The IRIS, which features an 80 degree field of view, makes video communication fluid and realistic.

Iris Webcam A09